Applying Regina’s Gold Ointment

Applying the Ointment

Regardless of where your pain is…

ALWAYS apply the ointment to your feet & ankles first and feel the difference!  Example: You have a migraine or your lower back aches but in reality the pain is emanating from your feet!  Sometimes this is referred to as phantom pain.  Remember that 90% of the nerves in your body can be accessed from your feet.

Circulation benefits can be obtained if ointment is worked into feet daily.

Back pain: Back pain can affect any part of the back.  It is often divided into two areas of concern lower and upper back pain. The usual causes of back pain is muscle stress and strain but it can also originate from ligament, tendon or vertebrae damage, posture, feet positioning, muscle tone, muscle tension or spasm, sprains and joint problems.

Upper back pain: Apply to neck, across shoulders and down spine.

Lower back pain: Apply all around the lower back and spine as far down as you can go and apply over both hips.

Neck pain: Apply to both sides of the neck up to the hairline, behind the ears, down to the collarbone and across the shoulders.

Shoulder pain: Apply to both sides of the neck even up to the hairline behind the ears and across the shoulders.

Broken bone pain: Do not apply the ointment on an open wound or stitches. Gently apply on and around the immediate break. If a cast is present, apply on the skin area at the openings of the cast.

Knee Pain: Apply the ointment around the whole knee (Front, Back and sides).

Black & Blue  Marks: and Swelling  Apply over the entire area affected. I have had many folks tell me the ointment has taken the pain away, reduced swelling and almost immediately lightened the black & blue marks. I also have seen the look of amazement on their faces when this has happened in my presence.

Skin Problems: Apply to the area that needs the ointment; such as bites, bee stings, bruises, burns, sunburn, dermatitis, dry skin, skin rashes and acne.

Cramps: Apply to the immediate area of the cramping, legs, arms, and stomach or where ever the cramping occurs.

Face-lift: To see the results of Regina’s Gold ointment, watching in a mirror apply the ointment to one side of your face. Watch the softening, wrinkle reduction and general complexion improvement: then you better do the other side.

Foot pain and Hand pain: Apply the ointment over the whole foot and ankle or hand and wrist even if the pain seems to be at a specific spot. If there is a bone spur or pain from calluses apply the ointment all over the foot and ankle.  Folks have told me their calluses and spurs have dissolved over  a period of time.

Headaches and Hangovers: Apply ointment to temples, forehead, lower sinus area, closed eyelids, back of neck to the hairline and across the back of shoulders,

Hemorrhoids: Apply the ointment to the area and it will help to stop bleeding, reduce swelling and relieve burning and itching.

Scars and Stretch Marks: I have seen many examples of scars and stretch marks slowing disappearing over a period of time with daily application of the ointment.

TMJ: Apply ointment to both sides of the face including under jaw line, up to temples and behind the ears.

Toenails-In Grown: Apply the ointment on the toe area, cover the toe with a band-aid for a couple of hours. This will soften the area, draw the pus and reduce swelling. Remove the Band-Aid, cut the toenail.

Varicose Veins: Apply the ointment daily over the affected area. I have seen many examples of varicose veins disappearing over a period of several months of application.

Toothaches & Earaches:  Apply to the cheek/skin area over and around the affected area and make certain to   include the neck and behind the ears.


For all of the above pain areas remember to apply the ointment to your feet & ankles first. 


Cautions:  Avoid using on dirty wounds, or bones, which have not been set properly, as Comfrey encourages new bone growth.  Do not use during pregnancy.  Do not take internally. 

Disclaimer: Regina’s Herbal Remedies and any of its associates do not intend to offer diagnosis, treatment, or any kind of recommendations for treatment with our product.  If condition persists consult a physician




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